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2020 Cotton Collection

The Emilyhome 2020 cotton collection “The Art of the Table” has broadened its own collection by introducing to the long-established Naturalia, Mirabilia, Terre, the new entry Animalia.
The new line focuses on the flying creatures crossing time and space…; a journey in which the eyes of the observer are introduced to…

A collection that impresses for its own unexpected compositional solutions, for the way in which it deals with the often self-transcending subjects, for the juxtaposition of colours and for the suggested textures, getting past the ephemeral trends to establish new paradigms.

We are all used, or rather getting used, to observing the work of this young Italian company; it is by showing extreme bravery that it unveils its own concept of home with no referential fear for anyone, and especially no fear for the world of fabrics that now seems to be paralysed and stuck in a suffocating apnea.

Let’s get ready for a new aesthetic or, even better, let’s restore our lost sense of beauty, let’s get carried away by these enchantments that range from art to nature, history and morphology, let’s get wrapped up by the delicate whispering brought by a long-missed breeze.

Meredith Stein

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