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One day I happened to be on the platform of a violet bus.
There was a rather ridiculous young man on it–indigo neck, cord round his hat.
All of a sudden, he started to remonstrate with a blue man.
He charged him in particular, in a green voice, with jostling him every time anybody got off. Having said this, he rushed headlong towards a yellow seat and sat down on it.
Two hours later I saw him in front of an orange-colored station.
He was with a friend who was advising him to have another button put on his red overcoat.

from Exercise in Style by Raymond Queneau

To raise our eyes and to make them roll all around in a world that was made to be observed, analyzed, studied, discovered; and then again to be modelled, sculpted, drawn.

To be lived! For God’s sake, is there anything better than watching a butterflie resting upon a…
The impermanence of a rose, its scent, the mutating of forms, the life cycle.

Here is the leading idea of the day: to immediately find the mechanic which transforms the thoughts into manual action.. the intelligence of hands!

And then again the composition, the ordering of all elements: harmony, melody, counterpoint.

Here we are. Now the most important challenge is to have your project realized on a textile backing, the most suitable for the aim, your “project”. Exercise in style.. everyday particular.

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